[Beowulf] Possibly OT

Ed ed at ednevitible.co.uk
Tue May 25 15:04:51 PDT 2004

Hi, Im very new to clustering. I have a perhaps very simple question:

I have to provide a webhost, but with low spec computers which we have
in abndance.

Now, I assume that the webservice will use the single IP address

However, I have not got a clue how to go about this. Should I aim to
have two single computers linked via a serial interface, or should I do
something more adventurous such as link them via a network interface. Am
I asking on a list where Beowulf is a API and only certain programs will
work with Beowulf?

This is probably a question that has been asked many times. But if
Beowulf can control computers and spawn instances of daemons for mail
as mail arrives it would also solve many of the mail problems which we
currently face in the small hosting organisation where I work. Currently
I spend many hours researching this question, however fruitless.

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