[Beowulf] CCL:Question regarding Mac G5 performance

Konstantin Kudin konstantin_kudin at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 14:23:48 PDT 2004

> Again...SPEC was included, among a number of others. Would you happen

> to have a cross section of code relevant to computational chemistry  

> that might offer a fair example of platform performance? I'd enjoy a 
> chance to get it into the labs and see how Itanuim 2 might stack up.

 While I can't speak for every code out there, for Gaussian03 I2 seems
to work extremely well:

 Note that these are ~1 hour long jobs, which surely do not fit in

 The interesting part is that for some real life codes I2 performance
matches what SPEC numbers would predict. The cost, of course, is a
different issue altogether.


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