[Beowulf] Athlon64 / Opteron test

James Cownie jcownie at etnus.com
Fri May 14 07:57:53 PDT 2004

> I think they'd still have trouble maintaining a market, because
> Opterons are relatively easy to port to and will in principle run
> i386 code (badly, of course) native.

The "(badly, of course)" should definitely be removed.

The mass market for the AMD64 chips at the moment is gamers running
that other OS which so far _only_ runs in 32 bit mode.

The gamers like the AMD64 chips because they're the fastest 32 bit x86
chips you can buy.

(Check any of the benchmark sites for proof.)

You may have been confusing the AMD64 bit chips with the Itanic, which
does have a very slow 32 bit x86 mode.

-- Jim
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