sun grid engine?

hanzl at hanzl at
Fri Mar 28 04:59:59 PST 2003

> > PBS is older than SGE (and yes, PBS did many good things, no doubt)
> > and everybody knew PBS when opensource SGE was born. And many people
> I would argue the SGE is actually older than PBS.
> SGE traces it's roots back to the venerable (and free) DQS, commercialized
> as Codine and bought by Sun to create SGE.

Sure, you are right.

I wanted to compare just the lifespan of the latest opensource
incarnations of the two projects, for the sole purpose of explaining
common negative false mis-expectation of prospective SGE users. (First
opensource version of SGE was quite unfortunate from this point of
view - it was not clear enough that you can install it in the
"Enterprise Edition" mode, so many users thought that "Enterprise
Edition" is another better version which is not free. And this
mis-understanding still happens even today.)

> From what I've read about SGE, it is very similar to DQS.  DQS has
> been running stably for us (with some quirks) for years now, and I
> haven't found a reason to change yet.

Good. But anyway, SGE team is really hard working and there was new
features and tremendous progress in scalability just over the last
year. If DQS does not change too much, probably you might be quite
pleased by SGE if you ever reach limits of DQS.



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