sun grid engine?

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Thu Mar 27 11:12:03 PST 2003

> May be it's integrated into SGE 5.3 Enterprise Edition ? I said about
> *free* SGE 5.3. Both "Sun ONE Grid Engine Administartor and User's Guide"
> and "Sun ONE Grid Engine Release Notes" don't have just the word "MAUI".
> Moreover, the only sheduler algorithm allowed in usual
> (free) SGE 5.3 is "standard" (see SGE Administrator & User's guide, p.225).

It is easy to get confused by SGE versions.

Enterprise Edition is also free. MAUI was integrated with it - most of
this work was done by MAUI team with help from SGE team.

Regarding SGE versions, I think it works as follows:

1) Developers create opensource SGE version. They work using publicly
available CVS software repository. All new features come to this

This opensource version is both "SGE" ans "SGE Enterprise Edition" -
the difference is just an instalation option. You install both using
the same files, you may compile both using the same sources from the
CVS archive.

2) 'Commercial' part of SUN takes these sources (probably without any
important changes) and compiles 'commercial' SGE and SGEEE. They add
word 'ONE' to the name. They create nice manuals. You can buy this
software and get usual support you expect for commercial software.
You can still download the manuals for free. Just skip word 'ONE'
while reading them - they are perfectly usable for free SGE as well.
They just may be out of date because the free version already has new
features (like MAUI integration). They may also never mention MAUI
integration because the 'commercial' part of SUN has no support for

All this is just too nice to believe it so people often get confused.

Note that it probably quite differs from PBS/OpenPBS development model
- I am no expert on PBS (experienced experts, please correct me if I
am wrong!) but I think that commercial PBS and OpenPBS are split and
the development team has quite hard times deciding what to do - they
introduce new features to commercial branch to make it more attractive
(to make any money on it) but in the same time similar features are
wanted in the OpenPBS version. They themselves created their own enemy
on the market (OpenPBS) and now they are not sure how to behave to it
- support it as their child? Kill it as their enemy? 

Even if	I am wrong in my thoughts on PBS (and I may easily be wrong as
it is a long time I left PBS maillists) I am pretty sure many PBS
users percieve it like this (as I got few quite few emails from them
indicating this).

PBS is older than SGE (and yes, PBS did many good things, no doubt)
and everybody knew PBS when opensource SGE was born. And many people
could easily expect that SGE used the same model as PBS did. (It was
easy to think that SGE EE is the commercial version - no, it is not.)

SGE did not use the same model as PBS. It used more open one. And this
choice was huge success I think.

(I am ready for heated comment from Scyld - I somehow manage to upset
them every time I post here. Sorry if it happened again. I know Scyld
integrated PBS, it is nice working solution and I should probably shut
up. Or did SGE already made it to Scyld software portfolio ;-) ? )



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