sun grid engine?

Tim Wait waitt at
Thu Mar 27 10:00:23 PST 2003

> The machines, what are they ? What I want under unix, linux, windows ?
> And everything where I can get a telnet/ssh access and a mpich like installed
> ?

Linux clusters, I have multiple queues for different interconnects.
There is a bit of work required to get your scripts set up right
for the parallel environments and whatever flavour of MPI you
are using, but no more than any other resource manager.

> (If It's a local cluster I understand that SGE is no more than a good NQS).

If you are looking for grid information, I am the wrong
person to talk to, and I won't touch the MPI over grid topic ;)
SGEEE is the superset version for handling grid issues.

I'd suggest starting with checking out all the info at


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