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Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Thu Mar 27 09:08:39 PST 2003

According to hanzl at
> > The main weak point is, IMHO, not
> > " too advanced" sheduler. In particular, in OpenPBS I may
> > implement MAUI source. 
> SGE too is integrated with MAUI. I did not try it myself but I guess the
> integration is far enough to be usable (those of you wo did try - please
> comment on this).

May be it's integrated into SGE 5.3 Enterprise Edition ? I said about
*free* SGE 5.3. Both "Sun ONE Grid Engine Administartor and User's Guide"
and "Sun ONE Grid Engine Release Notes" don't have just the word "MAUI".
Moreover, the only sheduler algorithm allowed in usual
(free) SGE 5.3 is "standard" (see SGE Administrator & User's guide, p.225).

Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

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