sun grid engine?

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Wed Mar 26 18:17:53 PST 2003

--- Brian LaMere <blamere at> wrote:
> To the point - does anyone actually use Sun's Grid 
> Engine?

A few examples:

> and what sort of pro's and con's have they 
> experienced?

There are many advantages:
1. free, opensource
2. Tech support from Sun and over 20 3rd party 
3. Friendly community mailing list support.
4. Under active development.
5. Supports many OSes (AIX, *BSD, HPUX, IRIX, Linux, 
   MacOSX, Solaris, Tru64, NEC SX, Cray, Win2K). 
6. There are a few web interfaces available.
7. Maui scheduler is also available.
8. You can configure the SGE deamons to encryt all
   sent via the network.
9. etc.

> Run well?


> Stable?

Yes. I used to have over 20,000 jobs submitted to SGE.
And the largest SGE cluster has 1300 hosts.

Also, may be you are interested in the bio-cluster


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