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Douglas Eadline deadline at
Mon Mar 24 13:14:34 PST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Joachim Worringen wrote:

> Douglas Eadline:
> 		> All
> >
> > I have just posted some results and discussion concerning SMP nodes
> > and clusters.
> >
> > You can read and comment on the report at:
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> It's nice to have such a comparison -  but it does not make much sense to 
> *only* compare speedups - you should add the wall clock times for the test 
> runs, too.

Hmm, the reason I used speed-up's was to normalize the
results for all the programs. I'll re-run the tests and
collect the wall clock times at some point. Although I am not sure
how it changes the observations or "general" conclusions.
I have always been curious about running two copies of
the same program on a dual node and the effects it has on
scalability. (i.e. running the NAS suite on 4 dual nodes
with n=4 and running the NAS suite on 4 dual nodes with n=8).
In general the scalability is poor for the n=8 case.

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