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Erwan Velu erwan at
Mon Mar 24 01:42:15 PST 2003

Le jeu 20/03/2003 à 21:52, Greg Lindahl a écrit :
> Mandrake and Suse are also doing support. However, all you need with the
> Opteron is (1) a few kernel mods, and (2) an update to gcc/glibc/etc. The
> rest of the user-land doesn't _need_ to change.
"MandrakeSoft has released its well known MandrakeLinux distribution to
Opteron. This version of Mandrake Linux 9.0 for Opteron® processors has
been made available to MandrakeSoft's partners and is also available on
several public FTP mirrors. Hardware vendors and other potential
integrators are invited to contact MandrakeSoft at
hardware at to test the product or to receive
certification. "
"In June 2003, MandrakeSoft will release 'MandrakeClustering' for
Opteron®, an easy-to-use clustering solution designed to answer needs in
the intensive calculation area that will greatly benefit from the power
of AMD 64-bit technology."

But the first beta of the clustering product will be available in few

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