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Subject: CCL:Multiprocessor scheduling G98/Linda on a Linux cluster

We have a new Beowulf cluster and have recently installed Gaussian98 with the 
Linda parallel-processing utilities. If I understand correctly, the installed 
version of G98 (g98L?) recognizes when it's running on a cluster, and if 
requested, will execute the parallelized sections of the code on multiple 
processors. I see in the Link 0 section of the g98 input a variable, %NProc=N, 
which requests multiple processors (it's also available in default.route).

What I don't understand is how the batch scheduler sets aside the needed 
processors and identifies them to g98. We are running the portable batch 
scheduler (OpenPBS) with the Maui scheduler instead of the default OpenPBS 
FIFO scehduler. Do I just tell PBS the number of nodes to reserve? I can't see 
how that information gets from the scheduler to g98. Please respond off-list, 
and I will summarize for the list.

Can someone who is running g98/Linda on a similar system share with me your 
batch script and perhaps clear up my confusion? I hesitate to dig into the 
code when I know that others have figured this out!

Thanks in advance for your help!
Bob Swofford

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