rtl8139-diag program.

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Tue Mar 18 10:02:18 PST 2003

On 18 Mar 2003, Erwan Velu wrote:

> Le mar 18/03/2003 à 09:05, Nicolae_Popovici at mksinst.com a écrit :
> >    What I need to do is to see the speed of my network card.
> You should use mii-tool program which allow you to know the status of
> for network card (cable plugged or not, speed etc..)

The 'mii-tool' program is a simplified version of the full 'mii-diag'

Most of the 'mii-tool' code is taken from the my original 'mii-diag'
source code, but based on a subset of an old version.  Compare
with the original mii-diag.c from
and you'll see why I recommend using my software releases for full and
correct information.

[[ Yes, I also grumble about the compiled version removing my authorship
information, which is a minor license violation. ]] 

There are two feature added to 'mii-tool' not in the original 'mii-diag'
  - the option to log the status messages with syslog.
  - the ability to monitor ("--watch") more than one interface.
You can do the same thing with a three line shell script using 'mii-diag'.

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