rtl8139-diag program.

Nicolae_Popovici at mksinst.com Nicolae_Popovici at mksinst.com
Tue Mar 18 00:05:15 PST 2003

Hello all,

   What I need to do is to see the speed of my network card.
  I am trying to use the rtl8139-diag program but I need more information
about the
rtl8139 eeprom configuration and registers. I tried to get that from
web page but I've got lost there. Maybe someone could send me some
documentation related
to this rtl8139 eeprom configuration. I am a beginner in this field so
could someone
please direct me to some documentation related to this particular rtl8139
I saw a bunch of registers that are used inside the rtl8139-diag program
and I would like to get a detailed description of each one of them. Does
have any ideea ?

Thank you in advance.

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