Good PCI-X Chipsets -- exist?

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Mon Mar 17 09:31:26 PST 2003

Hi Eric,

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 20:14, Eric Roman wrote:

> Anyway, if you have good (i.e. measured, with anything relevant) numbers
> for these boards (either is good, both is better), I'd love to hear about
> it.

Here is what I have seen (and what I can tell you), using the upcoming
Myrinet LanaiX board:

* Plumas chipset (Intel E7500), PCI-X at 133 MHz:
DMA Read = 825 MB/s
DMA Write =  850 MB/s

* ServerWorks (GrandChampion), PCI-X at 133 MHz:
DMA Read = 860 MB/s
DMA Write = 1024 MB/s

* Alpha Ev7 (Marvel, what a nice machine), PCI-X at 133 MHz:
DMA Read = 908 MB/s
DMA Write = 1038 MB/s

They are all pretty good so far.

Greg, please do not put them on your list right now, the benchmark code
is not finalized yet.


Patrick Geoffray, PhD
Myricom, Inc.

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