Cheap 8 port GigE switch for home

Jeffrey B. Layton laytonjb at
Sun Mar 16 16:33:49 PST 2003

>Since we're on the subject of GigE switches... does anyone
>have any recommendations, either way, on 8 port GigE
>switches for home? (cheap is good). I would love to have
>Jumbo frames, but I'll assume that cheap and Jumbo frames
>are not mentioned in the same breath (although I would also
>like recommendations for 8 port GigE switches that can handle
>Jumbo frames).

   I've had a couple of requests for whatever information I
found on this. I haven't really had any responses, but I'm
more than glad to pass along what I've found so far.
   The cheapest 8 port copper GigE switch I've found is the
TRENDware  S80TXD. The specs look decent, but I really
don't have the experience to look at manufacturers specs and
determine if the switch is good or not. However, from
pricegrabber, the lowest cost is $240 (w/o shipping).

I've also found the D-Link DGS-1008T. The best prices on
pricegrabber is $308.

I don't think either switch supports Jumbo Frames however.
   I also looked for copper GigE NICs. The lowest price on
the Intel PRO1000 MT is $41.00.

The best price for the SysKonnect 1000BSX is $180.95:

I didn't really look for any Broadcom based NICs.
   So, using the cheapest prices (not including shipping), for
8 ports, the total price is $568 or $71 per port. Not bad at
all. Greg Lindahl mentioned that some new switch chipsets
coming out support Jumbo Frames and should result in low
cost GigE switches.
   If anyone wants to comment on these components, please
do so - I would greatly appreciate the insight.



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