kill a watt?

Jim Meyer purp at
Thu Mar 13 09:36:50 PST 2003

On Sun, 2003-03-09 at 16:35, Jim Lux wrote:
> Sure, it'd be nice if it had an external interface, but then it would cost
> $500+, if only because it's a line connected device, and you'd have to
> provide isolation, etc.  There's a web site out there where someone took it
> apart... everything is floated at line voltage inside (which makes it muy
> cheap) much like X-10 stuff.

Heck, at the $45 price RGB noted, you should point a cheap webcam at it,
take pictures at some reasonable interval, and write a script to OCR the
pix and parse the output for monitoring.

But maybe I'm just geeking for the fun of it. =]



> > the name is aweful, I know, but has anyone tried:
> >
> >
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