dual channel ddr p4 single cpu mainboards...

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Mar 13 07:01:32 PST 2003

> they may also end up being obsoleted by some forthcoming intel products... 
> but as usual wsiting doesn't get your work done any faster...

right.  for those of you who don't frequent the lowbrow "enthusiast" sites,
the consensus is mid-april for the next wave of Intel stuff: 865 and 875
chipsets supporting dual-ddr400 (up to 4.6 GB/s out of a 6.4 GB/s cpu bus).
onboard gige is getting to be standard on mid-high-end stuff, enough so that 
Intel's putting a special port on the north/hostbridge/MCH for it.

shocking that Intel isn't cutting AMD any slack for Opteron to take up ;)

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