Good PCI-X Chipsets -- exist?

Eric Roman ERoman at
Tue Mar 11 17:14:20 PST 2003

Do you have any idea which PCI-X chipsets are the fastest?

I'm trying to decide between the two new SuperMicro boards (SWGC vs.  E7501).
I can't find any benchmarks that accurately describe the top performance of
their PCI-X buses.

We're planning to do some InfiniBand (4X) testing (possibly Myrinet as well)
on these boxes, so we're quite interested in making sure that the PCI-X is
as fast as possible.  We're hoping (dreaming?) of saturating the IB with
MPI traffic.  I've seen rumors of 800MB/s w/ SWGC.  Is E7501 any faster?
E7500?  Others?

Anyway, if you have good (i.e. measured, with anything relevant) numbers
for these boards (either is good, both is better), I'd love to hear about


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