Xeon rackmonts

Michael Stein mas at ucla.edu
Tue Mar 11 16:03:30 PST 2003

> my 1U dual-xeon/2.4's consume about 1 KW for every 8 nodes,
> according to the UPS.  these nodes are RMC1E cases (nice centrifugal blower,
> 350W PS), 1 or 2G ram, single 40G 7200 RPM IDE disk, no cards.

Beware.  The dual Xeon 1U (2.4 Ghz) I saw measured ran 125W *idle*.

Run a few processes of burnMMX and burnP6 on it and the power used
will double.

250W for each 1U.

The electricians I've talked to don't realized the size of the possible
change and seem willing to plan based on measurements of the "current
load" without knowing if the machines are idle or loaded.

> > There's marginally more heat coming from the hard disk and power
> > supply, but it's minimal.

The air output temperature will also increase.  I measured a change from
about 80 F to 99 F (input was about 72 F).

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