Building a beowulf with old computers

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Mon Mar 10 00:53:56 PST 2003

Good morning

Where can I download a free copy of Scyld's Beowulf Cluster ? I found 
so-far that you have to pay for this software.

To save money the Master node will be use to monitor beowulf cluster, and 
as a Redhat server to run other applications. If I use Scyld, with the 
modified Kernal. Will I still be able to use the computer as a normal Linux 

Without GUI I can get the installation down to approx 700MB, what is the 
the min installation required for each node? I've been spending some time 
experimented and looking for a list. Has anyone installed redhat with less 
than 700MB?

Thanks again

At 12:38 09/03/03 -0800, Auji Atwal wrote:

>I've built a Beowulf with 486 machines !  It was humming along nicely with
>a 2.4 kernel, LAM-MPI and some lightweight MPI applications.  I didn't use
>a Beowulf 'packaging', just put in the components that were really needed.
>On 9 Mar 2003, D. Scott wrote:
> > Hi Beowulf experts
> >
> > I've got old computer that have 32MB RAM some with 1GB hard disk and 512MB
> > hard disk and some with 16MB RAM. How best to build a beowulf? I've looked
> > into OSCAR but that requires large about of disk & memory. SCE & SMA also
> > require min 256MB RAM. Have anyone built a beowulf with low spec PCs?
> >
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Dan
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