Building a beowulf with old computers

David Farrell farrelde at
Sun Mar 9 10:45:40 PST 2003

I would reccomend a source based linux distro, like Gentoo, because you can
get a very lean install, however, 1 GB is very tight. You can save a lot by
not installing any GUI based items. a simple system can be put together
using a shared home directory and SSH or rsh for internodal communications,
and a free MPI implementation like LAM-MPI, or any one of the others that

Dave Farrell

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> Hi Beowulf experts
> I've got old computer that have 32MB RAM some with 1GB hard disk and 512MB
> hard disk and some with 16MB RAM. How best to build a beowulf? I've looked
> into OSCAR but that requires large about of disk & memory. SCE & SMA also
> require min 256MB RAM. Have anyone built a beowulf with low spec PCs?
> Thanks in advance
> Dan
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