[Fwd: Re: 32-port gigabit switch]

Eray Ozkural exa at ttnet.net.tr
Thu Mar 6 20:52:26 PST 2003

On Friday 07 March 2003 01:18, Justin Moore wrote:
> > Additionally the latency on Gigabit is simply to high for large
> > clusters.  Remember on clusters latency is more important than
> > throughput.
>    Be careful ... I think I hear Rob Brown furiously typing up an "it
> depends" response (and I'm a few buildings away).  You shouldn't say
> these kinds of things on the beowulf list unless your mail server is
> ready to be "rgb-dot'ed". :)

It depends on the application :)

Actually throughput is more important than latency in many cases I believe. 
And of course while it is not too difficult using common programming 
techniques to optimize for high throughput high latency it would be much 
harder to do so with low throughput low latency don't you think? :)


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