[Fwd: Re: 32-port gigabit switch]

Patrick Geoffray patrick at myri.com
Thu Mar 6 14:06:21 PST 2003

Hi Dave,

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 12:42, Dave Vehrs wrote:
> If I was on a limited budget, I would checkout Ebay.  Recently, I've
> seen several 16 port serial Myrinet switches with cables on sale for
> $100-200 and PCI cards for $100-200 each.

Be careful, they are often cards we made only for HP, based on Lanai 5
chips, we do not have software for those NICs. 

Several people got bitten by this recently. You need to check Lanai
version written on the main chip: 4,7 and 9 is fine, 5, 6 or 8 is not.


Patrick Geoffray, PhD
Myricom, Inc.

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