redhat and pxe

Mark Hahn hahn at
Wed Jan 29 09:08:03 PST 2003

> obviously I neded to do a bit more forensic work. just thought i'd ask in case 
> anyone else had already figured it out... somewhat difficult to find the time 
> to do much testing on a live system!

it's quite handy to plug such a test system into a controllable outlet.
for instance, I'm using APC's 8-outlet products, and have a fairly 
simple Net::Telnet-based perl script that resets a node.  of course,
it's annoying to pay quite a lot for a fancy relay, especially when,
for that price, I'd like to see a true-RMS measurement for each outlet ;)

anyway, the thing I observed is that my tftp server winds up receiving
a corrupted filename.  if dhcpd.conf says
	option bootfile-name "/pxelinux.0";
then the tftp server winds up receiving "/pxelinux.0\xff".  (which looks
like a y-umlaut iirc.)  I think I tcpdumped both dialogs, and concluded
that the fault is in the bios.  I've also only been able to get the nodes
to boot off their builtin eepro100 interface, rather than the e1000
(also-builtin - these are tyan s2720 nodes).

regards, mark hahn.

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