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Wed Jan 29 01:01:37 PST 2003

Le mar 28/01/2003 à 18:29, Greg MATTHEWS a écrit :
> I know a few ppl on this list are running redhat 7.3. Has anyone experienced 
> the problem of pxe not working on upgrading from 0.1-24 to 0.1- ??
> my kickstart works fine on the old version but wont grab the linux.* files by 
> tftp when using the newer. redhat also seem to be a bit secretive about one of 
> the bugs in pxe (i dont have permission to view it on bugzilla).
May i suggest you to use the kano pxe server
if you are using real pxe system (like 3com & Intanium 2) or just the
isc dhcp using the pxe capability (intel boards).

I'm currently using pxelinux( as
bootstrap for x86 arch & of course elilo for itanium 2.
Kano needs a patch for itanium2 but i will release the patch today.

If you need a documentation about pxe (with examples) read
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