Login delay w/ ssh

Brian LaMere blamere at diversa.com
Mon Jan 27 15:57:06 PST 2003

X forwarding.  With "ssh -x" I now have a script that used to take 15
minutes to run due to those delays but now takes about 30 seconds.  I don't
know /why/ there was such delay...

Asked here because streamlining logins is quite important for clusters.
That, and the script itself was the control script for our job queue...

Thanks to all who suggested I try "ssh -v" to see that which should have
been obvious anyway, but wasn't.


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> Subject: Login delay w/ ssh
> Ok now mind you, we're just talking a few seconds here...
> But I want to get rid of it!
> The ssh daemon on the other side responds /immediately/ with 
> its pub key to let me know who it is (if I ssh to it after 
> deleting its known_hosts entry, it responds immediately with 
> the key to add for it).  Problem is that once the key is 
> added, and for subsequent logins, there is a delay of a few 
> seconds before it asks for password (or allows me on, if I'm 
> authenticating with a key).  For the purposes of what I need 
> to do with something, the delay is bad.
> Anyone know how to get rid of it?  "nodelay" as an option on 
> the auth lines of /etc/pam.d/sshd didn't change anything.  
> So, just curious if anyone knows off-hand how to deal with this.
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