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Actually the latest (I don't know if last) release of RH for Alpha is 7.2
You can find it at

Red Hat Linux 7.2 Alpha is a complete operating environment with:

  a.. Enhanced 2.4 kernel with ext3 journaling file system
  b.. Upgraded installation program featuring automatic partitioning for
quick system setup
  c.. Graphical tools to manage updates, users, and network configuration
Red Hat Linux 7.2 Alpha has been tested on specific AlphaServers, namely the
DS10/DS10L, DS20E, DS20L, ES40, and ES45. Note that testing of components
has focused on server functionality and AlphaServer options, rather than
desktop features.

And with more details:

 Red Hat Linux 7.2 Alpha Feature Details

  a.. 2.4.9 kernel Improvements
  b.. Upgraded Core System Components
  c.. GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager
  d.. Installation Program Enhancements
  e.. New Graphical Tools
  f.. Red Hat Linux Features
2.4.9 kernel Improvements

  a.. ext3 journaling file system
    a.. Adds journaling features to the file system reducing risk of loss
data due to unexpected system failures
    b.. Fast file recovery reduces system downtime by eliminating lengthy
file system checks
  b.. Increased Device Support; compatible with more hardware than ever,
    a.. networking device drivers
    b.. USB devices
Upgraded Core System Components. The following major system components have
been upgraded in Red Hat Linux 7.2:

  a.. 2.4.9 kernel
  b.. gcc 2.96-102
  c.. glibc 2.2.4
  d.. GNOME 1.4
  e.. KDE 2.2
  f.. XFree86 4.1.0
  g.. Netscape 4.78
  h.. Mozilla 0.9.9
 GNOME 1.4 with Nautilus File Manager

  a.. Graphical display of files and directories to easily move, copy or
delete files
  b.. Use icons to represent file contents for quick browsing through file
manager interface
  c.. Red Hat configuration tools can be accessed from centralized location
with new Control Panel
  d.. Choose the right user interface for your level of expertise, from
novice to expert
Installation Program Enhancements

  a.. Automatic partitioning selects the best partition setup for your
  b.. Graphical partitioning tool: quickly and easily add, remove or modify
partition setup

  c.. Automatic migration to ext3 journaling file system: effortlessly
convert existing ext2 partitions to ext3 without losing data
New Graphical Tools

  a.. Network configuration tool: set up network connections over modems or
network cards quickly with one tool
  b.. User management tool: add, remove or modify user accounts and groups
easily with one intuitive interface
  c.. Hardware viewing tool: displays peripheral and system hardware for
fast visual inspection of system components
Red Hat Linux Features

  a.. Complete web, mail, ftp, file and print servers included; no
additional software license or user fees in order to deploy a complete
  b.. Apache configuration tool: quick configuration of Apache options;
easily create and manage multiple virtual hosts
  c.. BIND configuration tool: simple setup of forward and backward name
resolutions and DNS lookups.
  d.. Firewall configuration during installation: select from three
predefined levels of security or customize your own security level

A strong committment that Compaq, now HP, doesn't leave without the
You can continue to use your Alphas....



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> > > If the problem goes away with Intel and a modern kernel, I'm going to
> > > guess that your problem is alphas running 6.2.  This won't tell you
> > > to SOLVE your problem -- dumping your alphas probably won't be
> > > to you, neither will trying to get a more recent RH release running on
> > > the alphas -- but it might get you to where you can at least face the
> > > problem squarely and figure out which of the unpleasant solutions to
> > > attempt.  Probably an "alternate" one...
> >
> > RH 7.1 is the latest RedHat distribution released for the Alphas. The
> > latest errata kernel for this distribution is 2.4.9-40 IIRC, however it
> > should be any problem to compile and run for example a stock 2.4.20
> > with RH 7.1 (with the latest upgrades).
> >
> Of course that is 'shouldn't be any problem to compile' ...
> Sorry for the confusion,
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