Physical questions

Danny Harrison dannyh at
Wed Jan 15 09:59:53 PST 2003

> RackSaver has deployed over 100 Dual Xeon 2.4GHz - 2.8GHz clusters in 
> the last 4 months alone, each with 66 nodes. We have several 88 node 
> clusters (single rack) running the same systems. Check out the news 
> section (press release).
> I guess you can call us a 'thermal' company.

At these densities, I'd rather just say that you sell a "hot product";-)

**Not true. Air temp coming out of Xeon BladeRack is mildly warm (actual
temp is 110F at exhaust). Over 50 of these deployed (66x50 nodes)
without a failure related to heat. SC2002 & SIGRAPH  had BladeRacks in
Intel and AMD's booth, fully populated running 24/7, sitting on padded
carpet, 70-75F temp without a single failure/error. The same racks have
been in production since. 

> Look at to get a better idea of the designs.

Interesting.  Vertical case mounts and nifty control features, hmmm.

**Come see them at Linux World - AMD's Booth. You will be impressed. We
do offer free evals!!! :)


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