both fast and gigabit ethernet on a Scyld cluster

Hans Schwengeler schweng at
Mon Jan 13 08:22:58 PST 2003


	I have problems with a Scyld bz27-8 system running both a fast ethernet
and gigabit ethernet network. I had first only fast ethernet installed and now
added a gigabit network. The master has 2 3C905 cards and 1 3C996B-T card,
whereas the slaves have either 1 3C905 and a 3C996B-T card or 1 built-in
Intel EtherExpress Pro/100+ and a 3C996B-T card.
Now the cluster boots only the dual-processor nodes (the ones with the eepro100
drivers), whereas the single processor nodes start using the fast ethernet,
but the swith to the bcm5700 driver (gigabit driver) and try their arp
requests on the gigabit ethernet which is not yet configured to respond.
beosetup alows only to choose eth1 (fast) OR eth2 (giga), but not both of them.
If I try gigabit only (eth2 on the master), then none of the slaves start.
They report unknown pci devices and suggest to added the needed info to
/etc/beowulf/config.boot BUT I have added it already!
So how should I proceed to make all nodes available again (preferably 
with the gigabit ethernet interface of course).
Thanks for any help.

Yours, Hans Schwengeler

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