networking options

Paul English tallpaul at
Thu Sep 26 08:45:38 PDT 2002

> Quadrics runs at 400MB/s line speed and give around 330-350 MB/s sustained
> bandwidth to say MPI per 'rail' (i.e. per elan NIC) . Several sites already
> have Dual rail systems. It gives almost twice this figure. The next product
> line is due out in 2003 and will be PCI-X based. Its performance is not yet
> public, (but will as a minimum exceed the bandwidth of PCI-X).
> Latency is as given and is pretty much constant. It only rises to about 7
> usecs for 1024 node system.
> Daniel.
> (apologies if this sounded too much like a sales pitch)

Nah, if it was a sales pitch you would have posted prices. And if it was 
pure marketing you would have given a price/performance comparison. :-)

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