CLIC = Mandrake Cluster Distribution

Erwan Velu erwan at
Wed Sep 25 08:52:57 PDT 2002

Le mar 24/09/2002 à 14:39, Richard C Ferri a écrit :
>       My personal opinion (and not that of my employer) is that it's a
> shame Mandrake didn't work more closely with the open source community to
> leverage the work that's already been done to provide a turn  key beowulf 1
> solution -- CLIC merely further fragments the beo 1 space.
CLIC is not exactly a beowulf distribution but a project to make the
Mandrake Linux distribution cluster-aware. 
It means that Mandrake may include OSCAR components, NPACI Rocks
components, etc and use them as possible cluster managers.

This is not innovation, just GPL and the right guys doing the right
things:Mandrakesoft (and Red Hat) building rpms and glueing components, 
and others working on single system image and performance.

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