Potential Scyld problem

Art Edwards edwardsa at plk.af.mil
Mon Sep 23 11:39:53 PDT 2002

I have finally decided to make the big step up to 27bz-8 on a cluster
where each node has 1.5 GB DDR. 27bz-7 would only recognize ~1G of
memory (I'm using Athlon CPU's, if that makes a difference.) Will this
also be true for 27bz-8? If so, can I rebuild the kernel to make the
system recognize 1.5G?

Incidentally, a few weeks ago I asked whether gcc-3.2 would work on
SCYLD. I was concerned about the mpi/beowulf libraries. I compiled from
sources without any problem and the existing 27bz-7 libraries work
without problems for the codes I typically run (GAMESS and QUEST)

Art Edwards

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