Tyan S2468UGN

Alan Scheinine scheinin at crs4.it
Thu Sep 12 02:51:26 PDT 2002

While we are on the subject on the Tyan AMD mother board,
I have a question concerning the S2466 and S2468.  The manual
of AMD for the AMD MP 2000+ and 2200+ says that the chip has
a thermal diode but the mother board must have circuitry to
read the diode.  Tom's hardware web site has a movie of what
happens to the AMD if the heatsink is detached, it begins to
smoke after about one second.  The manual of these Tyan boards
at the Tyan site does not mention thermal shutdown protection.
Do these Tyan boards have a thermal shutdown that would protect
the board and the even greater risk of a fire?  Is it relevant
what Vann H. Walke wrote?  "Are you running with an SMP kernel?
SMP disables ACPI for stability issues."  Does thermal protection
require ACPI?

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