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Felix Rauch rauch at
Fri Sep 6 00:41:25 PDT 2002

On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Tintin J Marapao wrote:
> I am actually more concerned about how I can go about cloning the nodes
> efficiently...with the least amount of anxiety

For cloning we use our own tool called "Dolly". It uses a virtual TCP
chain to distribute large files or partitions from one node to all the
other nodes in a cluster. It works very well if you have a switched

For documentation, source codes and a list of publications, see [1]
and search for "Dolly". If you want to try a more recent version of
the source, write me personally (I did not yet have the time to update
the webpage).

We use Dolly to clone our 128 node cluster "xibalba" [2,3]. Cloning a
20 GB disk to all nodes takes less than 30 minutes (with two 100
MBit/s NICs per node).

- Felix

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