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Eduardo Cesar Cabrera Flores eccf at
Thu Nov 28 05:35:35 PST 2002

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> Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 14:48:08 -0500 (EST)
> From: ahmad rizvi <arizvi at>
> To: beowulf at
> Subject: Errors in getting pvm to run
> Hi,
> Can someone help me with this problem: I try to add machines from the pvm
> console, but it is never successful. The machine names are babbage and
> risc. The output from the /tmp/pvml.xxxx log is given below:
> [t80040000] ready  3.3.10   Wed Nov 27 14:30:56 2002
> [t80000000] pl_startup() pvmd at risc: EOF
> [t80040000] startack() host risc expected version
> [t80000000] pvmd at babbage: permission denied^J
> [t80000000] pl_startup() pvmd at babbage: EOF
> [t80040000] startack() host babbage expected version
> [t80000000] pl_startup() pvmd at on: EOF
> [t80040000] startack() host on expected version

sometimes it's quite difficult to add machines from the console!
it's better that you create a pvmhostfile & add the machines at the moment
of pvm start up!

there's  a "new" version of PVM 3.4 (beowulf) that you don't need to add
machine from the console you only have to declare an env variable
$PROC_LIST to define which machines you will be use and it works with PBS


> Thanks,
> Ahmad Rizvi
> Graduate Student,
> UT

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