KS file, floppy boot, and NIC not on boot floppy.

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Fri Nov 22 00:30:03 PST 2002

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002, John Brookes wrote:

> For nodes that support PXE it's a good way to go

We completely agree with this.

PXE isn't nearly what you would design working from scratch.  It has
unecessary complexity, warts and flaws.  But when you have finished
booting there is no evidence of the uglyness left.  And like any
reasonable standard, it removes pointlessly incompatible previous system
such as RPL that were even uglier and often OS-specific.

> IMHO, the biggest single problem with PXE is that configurations that don't
> support it are going to be around for a time yet :(

Is there any current mid- or server-class motherboard that doesn't have
on-board Ethernet with PXE?  Even at the very low end, many motherboards
have Ethernet with PXE.

> John Brookes
> Quadrics

... and no one will be installing Quadrics on a dozen Pentiums that
weren't being used ;->

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