Madeleine vs. MPICH

khoa nguyen kn_cp at
Tue Nov 19 04:47:57 PST 2002

anyone familiar with the package Madeleine (a
multi-protocol library that has been integrated into
MPICH as an ADI whose device is ch_mad) ???

For ch_p4 device, the default socket buffer size is
16k, but I wonder whether or not it's still 16k as a
default for that Madeleine package?  

For MPICH ch_p4 device, changing default buffer sizes
can be done by reset the environment variable
(P4_SOCKBUFSIZE).  With Madeleine, the device is now
ch_mad, and I don't know whether or not changing
default buffer size can be done with P4_SOCKBUFSIZE
again?  (or this environment variable only used w/
ch_p4 only, not ch_mad).  I'm a MPI novice, appreciate
any suggestions.  


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