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Donald Becker becker at
Mon Nov 18 13:33:50 PST 2002

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, Bob Drzyzgula wrote:

> Does anyone (Donald?) know much more, or can anyone
> say anymore, about what is discussed in the AMD
> press release found here:

This is describing a demo that combines Lane15 Infiniband, AMD Opterons
and the Scyld Beowulf system.

> But is there any work on x86-64 implementations
> of scientific libraries, e.g. BLAS?

I don't know what will be announced, but there is obviously a bunch of
work in this area.

> What is the sense of list members as to when x86-64 will be a viable
> platform for scientific computing?

The systems are usable today, with most support and applications running
in 32 bit.  Our 28Cz-5 release, first showing this evening, and the
28Dz-5 Demo Zero Install Cluster, introduced Tuesday, are 32 bit
releases that have Opteron tweaks and testing.  The x86-64 release date
has not yet been decided.

I'm not certain if we will be running a 32 or 64 bit kernel on Opterons
at SC2002, but the applications we are running on the systems are all
still in 32 bit mode.  That will change when the SC2002 pressure is

> In particular, is it
> likely to be practical anytime soon ("soon" meaning in
> the next year or so, and subject to AMD actually releasing
> the stuff when they are currently saying they will) to
> use Opteron for processes requiring > 4GB of memory?

The system software is almost ready 

> Also, I guess that I'd be interested in hearing from sites
> that are today clustering various other 64-bit architectures
> to run such processes -- what are you running, how well
> does it work, did it cost you less than what Cornell's
> Windows cluster cost Microsoft, Intel and Dell, etc...

We've had an Alpha AXP distribution out for ages, but...

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