Need comments about cluster file systems

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Thu Nov 14 13:28:08 PST 2002

I shouldn't think that a cluster file system is necessary.  It might be nice
for some applications, where you'd like the "monolithic file system" view,
but I can think of some clever cluster applications which actually only use
local file storage (a distributed database engine, for instance.. send a
query to all nodes, and each searches its little part of the database).

Perhaps the unique feature of clusters is that they are unique?  That you
aren't forced into a particular way of thinking or working, and you can
build/use your cluster as you see fit, rather than the supercomputer model
of "we have settled on this as an optimum architecture, work in it or else".
Using commodity components, glued together in myriad different ways, with a
fairly large user community who has tried various approaches, is the true
value.  There's easy scalability and adaptability.. you can pick and
choose... your application might only need 10 BaseT ethernet and passive
hubs, or, it might need Myrinet, either way, the cluster approach has stuff
that can work for you.
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> Do beowulf solutions really require a 'cluster file system like' ?
> In other words, local disks seems to be sufficient in the beowulf world,
> that seems very surprising when you come from the HPC vendors's
> world....
>   Philippe
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