UPS recommendations

Dan Christensen jdc at
Wed Nov 13 14:35:44 PST 2002

Thanks for the replies so far (to the list, and by e-mail).  APC is
what most recommend, e.g. the Smart-UPS 3000VA along with the
environmental card.  

With this set up, can the UPS be told to cut the power if the
temperature goes over a critical value?  This would be something that
would happen as a last resort, if the monitoring software somehow
failed to bring down the machine.

As for monitoring software, some people have mentioned powerchute,
and others the opensource apcupsd.  The former is said to be able
to get environmental information.  Does anyone know if apcupsd is
able to do this too?

Finally, is it easy to set either of these up with three UPS's (one on
each circuit), but only one environmental card?  The monitoring
software on two of the machines would then have to get the
environmental information from the third.



Dan Christensen
jdc at

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