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APC has solutions for that. There is a kind of switch to
share single UPS.
And it has a software and you can run as a deamon and
after power failure, nodes will automatically halt, in proper

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> We're in the planning stages for preparing a room to house a small
> cluster, consisting of roughly 8 to 10 dual-cpu nodes to begin with.
> We are planning to use two or three 20A 120V circuits.  (Two should be
> enough, but three will give us room for future expansion.)
> We are wondering what kind of UPS to get.  Is it standard to get
> one UPS per circuit, or are there affordable UPS units that will
> manage several circuits?  ("Affordable" is a key word.)  Most outages
> are short, so we just need between 30 and 60 minutes of battery
> backup.  Also, I've heard that some UPS's can monitor the room
> temperature and shut down the machines if it gets too hot.  This
> would be useful.
> So, any advice about what we should get?
> I'm also curious about monitoring the UPS's.  If there are several
> of them, does one usually monitor all of them using the head node,
> or split this task up?
> Thanks,
> Dan
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