20 mointors and keyboard

Dave Lane dlane at ap.stmarys.ca
Mon Nov 11 11:55:11 PST 2002

At 11:08 PM 11/9/2002 +0530, amit vyas wrote:
>we are new to beowulf, there is a problem we are facing,
>we have 20 pc's with us and all are celeron with 64 MB of RAM but since we 
>are going to use the CPU in the cluster we would be left by 20 mointors,20 
>keyboard and 20 mouses , and all would be wasted can anyone plz help so as 
>how to proceed to use them to build Dumb Terminals,we would be grateful 
>for a little help.
>thanks in advance.

Monitors, keyboards and mice are dumber than a dumb terminal. They are of 
no use without a "computer" of some sort. I would suggest you donate them 
to your local schools. There are probably having monitors, keyboards and 
mice die on them all the time and could use the spares.

... Dave

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