C++ programming

Dean Johnson dtj at uberh4x0r.org
Fri Nov 1 07:55:52 PST 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 22:57, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> Last Saturday I was wearing a Gnu Fortran T-shirt, the one with the
> big GNU on it eating grass which is equations. I went to the grocery
> store to buy lunch, the Mollie Stones grocery store on California
> Avenue in Palo Alto, which has more than its fair share of computer
> companies. As I headed to the checkout, a guy stared at my shirt, and
> then said, "Fortran. Huh."

My linux geek friends will brag about how they were using "linux back in
the slackware blah blah..." as a method of carbon dating. I mention that
I learned fortran on punch cards. Their response is often "I bet you
were really afraid when trains were invented". The youngsters laugh

> But later that night I went contra dancing, so I had to run home and
> change my shirt. I wouldn't be caught dead socializing in it...

This last year I wore my "Will Work for Bandwidth" t-shirt to the MN
State Fair. It was pretty much a dead heat between bewildered looks and
a smile and thumbs up. To fully test how much the masses are paying
attention I wear my "Cannibalism is not a Crime" t-shirt. I concluded
that <1% of people are barely sentient in such situations, instead
letting their instincts and cholesteral compass guide them from one
batter-fried lard ball stand to the next.


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