Inexpensive beowulf but not so miniature Beowulf

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Fri Mar 22 05:58:58 PST 2002

yes, i would also be interested in downloading the boot floppy images.

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> I just joined the list so I wasn't able to add to the "Miniature Beowulf"
> thread earlier.  For those other students that would like to play with a
> Beowulf cluster, or for institutions that want a cluster but do not have a
> budget, I built a $0 cluster that scales from 1 to n (don't know the limit
> yet).  Its great for students and schools that have computer labs that sit
> idle.  I have a Pentium 200 that I pulled from surplus as my permanent
> cluster master, and a stack of floppies that I boot from.  They boot from
> floppy and never mount the harddrives so you can temporarily borrow a
> computer lab for the cluster and return it back to its original setup when
> you're done.  I modified Ganglia to support unicast for those of us that
> have IT departments that won't enable multicast for undergraduate
> I'm writing the HOWTO now, and won't be done for a few more weeks.
> I appologize if I'm repeating somebody elses work.  I'm just an undergrad
> student and new to the Beowulf community.  Is there anybody out there that
> would be interested in something like this?
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