Scyld Slave Node Installation

Shawn M Becker s02 s02.sbecker at
Mon Mar 18 12:22:13 PST 2002

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 >On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, s02.sbecker wrote:
 >> I am trying to setup a small cluster with the Scyld Beowulf disk. In the
 >> beosetup window I see the mac address of the slave node in the unknown
 >> and drag it to the confirm area and click apply, but nothing happens. The
 >> slave remains stuck at "sending rarp requests".
 >What Scyld version? Which driver?
 >The usual problem is forgetting to click 'apply', but you seem to know
 >about that.
                 Thanks for the response. I am using version 27BZ-8, based 
on RH 6.2.
         I am using a 3c95x driver for an 3com 905 card. Do I need to 
install a
         different driver? I will try the aliasing trick.

 >One possible problem with older releases: if you have certain specific
 >3Com cards the driver may not have reset the transceiver correctly which
 >results in Tx but no Rx. But this is rare...

                 How do you fix this problem?

 >> Some concerns I have are that I only have one ethernet card... the
 >> cluster is not connected to the outside world, and I am using a
 >> Linksys hub instead of a Fast ethernet connection.
 >A neat trick for a single NIC in the master is to use IP aliasing.
 >Install with "eth0" as the external interface, and "eth0:0" talking to
 >the cluster.

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