cluster packages/distributions roundup

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Mon Mar 18 11:07:27 PST 2002

I will add the Scali cluster environment to my list.  I won't be able to 
any of their special interconnect software.

I've also added Platform Clusterware for Linux

I might not be able test them all in a reasonable time frame (reasonable 
before the previously completed reviews are outdated).  I'll post 
reviews as I
get them done until I can't stand it any longer =)


Joachim Worringen wrote:

>You already have compiled a long list (are you sure you want to test
>them all?), but I think the Scali cluster environment ( is
>also a valid candidate as it is a mature (commercial) system to maintain
>a Linux cluster as an MPI machine.
> Joachim

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