gige benchmark performance

Tim Carlson tim.carlson at
Fri Mar 15 16:51:02 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Mark Hartner wrote:

> We are working on putting together a 32 node cluster at the University of
> Utah. I have benchmarked several Gigabit cards over cat5,
> Netgear GA620T
> Netgear GA622T
> Intel Pro/1000T Server

I put together some similar numbers at have posted them here:

One thing that we are seeing is a falloff in perfomance on the Intel cards
with bigger packets. Not sure what to think on that. The odd thing is that
the netperf numbers typically are better than the syskonnect and every
once in a while you see a really big netperf number. The standard
deviation is something like 20Mb/s. That's only 5 data points.. I know.. I
need more data.. Hey, I have a PhD in Math so I can say crap like that and
get away with it. :)

The Syskonnects are solid as a rock with netpipe.

I threw in the Giganet cLAN numbers just for fun.


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