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Thu Mar 14 15:02:41 PST 2002

It's been out experience that there are two tiers of gigabit cards. one,
the cheap one, gives not so hot performance. This generally includes the
netgear and 3com/broadcom cards.

The other is the most expensive one, which includes the intel and
syskonnect cards. These give very nice performance.

taking a look at your graphs, we might want to tweak our kernel a little,
because our netgears with the acenic chipset do not perform nearly as

Douglas J Nordwall
System Administrator	Pacific Northwest National Labs

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Mark Hartner wrote:

MH} We are working on putting together a 32 node cluster at the University of
MH} Utah. I have benchmarked several Gigabit cards over cat5,
MH} Netgear GA620T
MH} Netgear GA622T
MH} Intel Pro/1000T Server
MH} I have put the performance results on my webpage,
MH} The Netgear GA622T performed rather poorly and I am wondering if it has
MH} anything to do with our setup. Is there anyone else who could share thier
MH} experiences with the GA622T or other cards based on the NS 83820
MH} chipset? I have seen unfavorable postings in the past regarding NS 83820
MH} cards, but our results are even worse than expected.
MH} thanks,
MH} Mark
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