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> Le Mercredi 13 Mars 2002 21:09, vous avez écrit :
> > On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Donald B. Kinghorn wrote:
> >> ...
> > With the Tyan this is less of an issue because it does have a working
> > serial console and even an onboard 100BT NIC (so one should only need
> > the riser slot(s) for a high speed 64/66 NIC, but I'd still be very
> > interested to know if this is a generic problem with the underlying
> > chipset, a particular problem of the MSI board, or an accidental problem
> > with that particular video card and a 64/66 slot.
> >
> > Comments, remarks, instruction, suggestions welcome.
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> >   rgb
> Hello you could find a solution at 
> http://www.adexelec.com/pci64.htm#PCITX3N1
> This is a 3 PCI slot riser card: 2 64bits and 1 32bits

We recently played with riser cards in a DFI AK76-SN board. Turns out our
SCSI controller would only work in the central slot of the riser card which
was 'one to one mapped pin by pin' into the slot the card plugged into. The
other 2 slots on the riser had only a subset of the pins of the slot and a
couple of short edge connectors (6-12 pins?) on ribbon cable to plug into
other PCI slots on the board (I spose those may have been IRQ lines et al). In
fact a couple of other types of card wouldnt work in any slot but the fully
mapped one (4 port dlink cards I think). So beware.

This problem may not occur with that particular riser card, especially
if all slots in the card have ribbon cable to map each pin 1 to 1 to
pins on the board. (Safest of all would be a riser card with a single pci
slot on it - not quite as useful but you could still get a full height pci
card in the machine).


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