Tyan's Tiger MPX motherboard : review - link

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at pqs-chem.com
Wed Mar 13 10:51:19 PST 2002

It's there, even in the 1.0 bios. I used it to temporary get around the fact 
that the board wont boot with a SIS video card ... this is fixed in the 1.01 
bios by the way ... should update.  The console rederect  line in the bios 
screens is at the bottom of the first or second bios screen (don't remember 
at the moment) you wont see it unless you scroll down :-)

FYI the 2466 is looking to be good ... I just used 12 of them in a system and 
only had 1 failure ...


>Hi all,
>Just to fork off one more question on the tyan 2466 board; I was trying 
>to boot it without the video card.the website(tyan's) says that you 
>would need to enable the console redirect on the BIOS to actually get 
>around with it. I have a version 1 of the BIOS.But i cant find console 
>redirect option anywhere...
>any ideas....

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